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Crunching numbers can be an overwhelming task for busy business owners and too often takes a back seat to the daily operations of running a successful business. In this section you will find some resources that can help guide and assist in your decision to hire a bookkeeper as well as your decision about who to hire.  Here are some great articles to help ease the pain.

The Cost of Poor Quality Bookkeeping and
How You'll Know If You Need a Change


We love straightening out messy books!

When a client comes to us and needs us to clean up their accounting files we get a certain satisfaction from putting everything in the right place and giving the owner a clearer picture of their company. In fact, it gives us great satisfaction. Unfortunately, the client who tried to save some money by doing the books themselves realizes that poor bookkeeping increases their accounting expenses exponentially.

Do It Yourself Bookkeeping


Entrepreneurs thrive on a DIY mentality: Do everything you can yourself and don't pay for anything new until you have absolutely have to. It's especially difficult to justify hiring financial help like a bookkeeper.

With user-friendly software such as QuickBooks or Simply Accounting available, many business owners feel they should be able to do keep their records on their own, even as they wrestle with finding the time and wonder if they're doing things correctly.

What's a Bookkeeper Worth?


Bookkeeping fees are dependent upon the volume of transactions, whether you have employees and how complex your industry is (whether you need job costing or inventory management, for example). While there are many factors that can influence your bookkeeping charges, generally there are two ways bookkeepers set their fee: Hourly Rate or Flat Fee with many requesting all or a portion of the fees paid upfront through a deposit or retainer. Regardless of the fee structure a bookkeeper uses, as a business owner, it is much more useful to use a “value” billing approach that contemplates what this work is actually worth.

List of First Meeting Requirements


Our first meetings are crucial to our relationship. Not only will those meetings give you a better feel for us and how we work, they will allow us to gather the information, both paper information and non-paper information, we require to do a spectacular job for you and your company. The need for paper information is, well, self-explanatory. But why the need for non-paper information? And what is non-paper information anyway?

How to Keep Your Bookkeeping Costs Down


How can you keep your costs down when working with a bookkeeper? The best way is to have your documents organized and available.  Don’t bring your papers and receipts to your bookkeeper in a jumbled mess (remember crumbled receipts/invoices take time to sort).  Get yourself an accordion folder and label each section as follows:

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