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Management Reports and Budgets

The establishment of a budget and the subsequent monthly progress report is provided as a very reliable and yet quick portrayal of the current financial position of the business. This can be included together with the standard monthly reports of Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Receivable and Payable Age Analysis and other account reconciliations.

Monthly Invoicing and Cash Management Expenditure and Cash Flow Control

Regular and timely invoicing and follow-up to clients is as crucial to a business as selling products or providing a service. We can offer regular invoicing with customer liaison and cash / banking facilities and management. This, together with a creditors / expenditure control, enables management reports to be provided, which is a very useful tool in analyzing movement within the business.

Establish and Maintain your Accounting Books

We will establish and maintain your set of accounts and provide the necessary audit trails for professional and accurate record keeping.

Accounts Payable

Strictly Balanced will manage your accounts payable to ensure your bills are paid in a timely manner while making the most profitable use of vendor terms.

Accounts Receivable

Strictly Balanced will invoice your customers and manage the collection of funds as required. We can also receive your payments and deposit them directly into your bank account.

Reconciliation of Bank Statements

While bank statements can be delivered to Strictly Balanced with the rest of your paperwork (or we can pick your paperwork up on a scheduled basis), we can also set up to have your bank statements delivered directly to Strictly Balanced for reconciliation.


Strictly Balanced will manage your payroll and maintain your payroll records. We will calculate deductions, pay your employees, and remit your source deductions to the appropriate government agency.

Vendor and Customer Files

Strictly Balanced will maintain a record of your vendor and customer information for all your business contacts.

Government and Statutory Remittances

Assistance and completion of GST returns and payroll deductions. Assistance with and submission of WCB premiums.

Month and Year-End In-house Financial Statements

Strictly Balanced will provide year-end financial statements for income tax reporting and month-end statements for in-house use and analysis.

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