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Who You Are

You work in your business. It’s what you do. It’s what your business needs you to do. It’s what you know how to do. And it’s what you do best.


Running a Business

There are so many things that go into running a business: Accurate financial records, collecting on receivables, keeping up with your payables, payroll, human resources, job costing, margins, tracking cost of goods or services sold, pricing strategies, government remittances, inventory maintenance, marketing, sales, cash flow, revenue growth, budgeting, and so much more! A successful, dynamic business requires that all of these things be done, and done well.


Who Looks After the Details?

So is the answer for you to do less of what you are comfortable doing, what you are good at doing, what your business needs you to do, in favor of learning the skills you need to manage everything yourself, taking on details that drive you crazy? Or is the answer to work alongside a company who makes your business success their mission, taking over the details of managing your business so you can do more of what you do - what you need to do for the success of your business?

Managing by the Numbers

Business Management

All of the decisions made in a business start – and end - with the numbers. Business management MUST start with the books! And not just any set of books, but books that have accurate, detailed and easily accessible information. Bookkeeping can be, but need not be, just data entry! Properly and accurately done by the right bookkeeping company, it can, and should, be one of your most valuable business tools:

It provides you with the information you need to map your business, both for sustaining its strength and for growing your business soundly. Are you turning a profit? Is your cash flow healthy today, next month, next quarter? Where will your business be in a year, in five years? Are you working towards a goal or are you just working?


Where We Come In

If you work in your business, or if you do not have (and don’t want to get) the skill set that supports all the factors that go into running a successful business, you need someone who has a first-hand view of your finances in order to:

  • Effectively manage your cash flows, receivables, payables, costs, budgets, expenses

  • Provide accurate and timely reporting, including in-house financial statements, both standard and customized, so you can make informed decisions

  • Assist you with job costing, maximizing your profit margins, reducing your cost of goods sold, and inventory management

  • Improve your business’s profitability by uncovering the root cause of problems through evaluating both financial concerns as well as operational and/or procedural issues and providing recommendations for solutions

  • Avoid late fees and penalties for tardy government remittances

  • Deal with the CRA, who is only available during the day when you are working in your business/identify cost overruns or out of line expenses and find ways to resolve the issue

  • Make calculated changes to your business by hiring someone who will implement the changes for you or with you.

That “someone” has to provide you more than just data entry. That “someone” has to be able to provide you:

We Do – You Save

It just Makes Cents!

Bookkeeping… Plus

The bookkeeping industry is not regulated and anyone with a computer and a software package can call themselves a bookkeeper. But a computer/software armed individual who does not have sound business knowledge and background cannot use the financial information to provide you with managerial advice for your business. Nor can they create the customized reports you may need in your business to better understand the valuable information your financials can reveal to you about your business.

This kind of analysis and reporting cannot come from bookkeeping software. It comes from business experience, management experience, knowledge and an unwavering commitment to the company for which the Bookkeeping/Management firm works. It comes from a deep knowledge of the context in which a company’s financials ‘live’.

So it starts with numbers. We’ve got you covered there. But it also means framing those numbers within a context. Perhaps in context with your budget. Perhaps by creating a budget to frame the context of the numbers. It means presenting the numbers in an understandable format – often in reports that are not only customized for your business, but also customized so the information is easily understood.


Who We Are

Strictly Balanced is the company that will work alongside you, helping you manage the details of your business, freeing you up to do what you do best and providing you with accurate, understandable and timely information upon which you can make the decisions your business requires. We will not only accurately record your financial information, we will report that information to you in a format designed specifically for your needs in an easily understandable format.

We will meet with you to review your financials as well as discuss the analysis of those financials and how the information gleaned from such an analysis will help you accomplish that which you wish to accomplish for your company.

Most importantly, we are flexible. You can choose the level of assistance you require and we will build a package to suit those requirements. We are not in the business of complicating your life or your business – we want to simplify it!

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