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List of First Meeting Requirements

Our first meetings are crucial to our relationship. Not only will those meetings give you a better feel for us and how we work, they will allow us to gather the information, both paper information and non-paper information, we require to do a spectacular job for you and your company. The need for paper information is, well, self-explanatory. But why the need for non-paper information? And what is non-paper information anyway?


Well, each business and each owner has a particular way of doing things. Maybe you as the business owner prefer to have your place of business cleared of all paperwork on Friday afternoon so that Monday morning arrival is cleared and ready for a new week. Or perhaps Friday afternoon doesn’t work because that’s the day best used for an early departure from work to go out with your family. Thus, delivering paperwork or having paperwork picked up needs to happen Friday morning. Perhaps you are a restaurant where the vast majority of your transactions occur on the weekend, so a Monday morning transfer of paperwork works best.

Every business is different and has its quirks. Every business owner is different and his or her quirks. We wish to accommodate your needs, and your quirks, into our bookkeeping relationship.


Below is a list of the paper items we require which we will also discuss at our first meeting:


  • Company details and expenses

  • Company name and address

  • Company business number

  • Management/shareholder details

  • Company contact details

  • Financial statements from prior year end

  • Copy of your certificate of incorporation

  • Name, address, email and phone number of your accountant

  • GST/HST # and copies of previous GST/HST filings

  • Copy of your current accounting data (if applicable)

  • Bank statements with cancelled cheques

  • If company - owned credit cards – copies of the statements

  • Copies of invoices to your clients

  • Deposit book or deposit receipts

  • Copies of invoices you paid for materials, supplies, etc.

  • Copies of all items which you paid for using company debit or credit card

  • If you paid for items from your personal cash on behalf of the business – then please provide all receipts


Home Office

Are you using an office in your personal home? Then please provide copies of all home utilities, internet, phone and property taxes, details of the square footage of your home, and the square footage of your home office.



Expenses including:

  • kilometer usage

  • gas receipts

  • repairs/maintenance receipts

  • lease documentation (if recent)

  • purchase documentation (if recent)


Any questions or additional information we require after you have submitted the above documents will be communicated to you via the communication medium you like best.

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