How to Keep Your Bookkeeping Costs Down

How can you keep your costs down when working with a bookkeeper? The best way is to have your documents organized and available.  Don’t bring your papers and receipts to your bookkeeper in a jumbled mess (remember crumbled receipts/invoices take time to sort).  Get yourself an accordion folder and label each section as follows:


  • Bank Statements

  • Credit Card Statements

  • Invoices to clients (include in here your deposit slips acknowledging the payment of invoices)

  • Invoices from vendors/suppliers (make sure you write on your invoices how they were paid – cheque, cash, credit card)

  • Home office expenses (utilities bills)

  • Supplies

  • Auto expenses

  • Receipts paid by cash from your personal pocket for business

  • Receipts paid by credit card

If you do some of the organizing, your bookkeeper will be able to soar through your accounts, and your bookkeeping costs will reflect it.