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Strictly Balanced exists to make valued contributions to our clients’ businesses and was established to allow business owners to focus their time and energy on their business and personal goals while maintaining the confidence that all areas of their business are getting the proper levels of attention.


We are here to provide excellent service and to develop meaningful relationships with our clients so that we can understand and meet their bookkeeping needs. In short to provide a service that adds value to the client's business.


If you’re getting buried by paperwork, distracted by cash flow issues or discouraged by missing deadlines and paying late fees – your passion, creativity and energy are likely fading. And it doesn’t have to be that way.


Strictly Balanced is pleased to provide a variety of services to small and medium-sized business owners, entrepreneurs, contractors, tradespeople and new businesses. We can provide the services you need a la carte or we can customize a package to suit your individual business needs.

All of the decisions made in a business start – and end - with the numbers. Business management MUST start with the books! Bookkeeping can be, but need not be, just data entry! Properly and accurately done by the right bookkeeping company, it can, and should, be one of your most valuable business tools:  It provides you with the information you need to map your business, both for sustaining its strength and for growing your business soundly. Are you turning a profit? Is your cash flow healthy today, next month, next quarter? Where will your business be in a year, in five years?

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